Brand Identity Services and Consulting

RedCircuit offers brand development consulting and brand identity services to businesses who would like to gain understanding of their current brand positioning or those companies who are looking to rebrand themselves.

Brand Development

The value of your company, your products and services, the emotional connection that people have with it through memories and experiences, in addition to overall perception, are what make up your brand.
Our branding consultants work to research and provide qualitative and quantitative insights into what your brand is and provide guidance on how to establish, maintain, or redevelop it.

Brand Identity Services

It is vital to establish a solid and quality corporate brand identity for your company that is visually consistent and cohesive. A strong brand identity evokes an emotional and mental response to your company’s products, services, purpose, and reputation. The brand identity should be reflected in through digital and your website, your company’s communications such as stationery, signage, presentations, and more.
RedCircuit will work with you to develop a brand identity that will serve and showcase your company in a creative, unique, and purposeful way.

Creative Logo

Primary visual element of your brand identity

Custom Stationery

Envelopes, folders, notepads, notecards, stickers, labels

Business Cards

Creative cards (front and back) to share important contact information


Official design of company communication

Display Ads

Digital banners for online advertising

View our pricing for these services to get started today. If there are design services that you don’t see listed here, contact us for further discussion.