RedCircuit Digital Marketing Consultants

partnershipWhen it comes to digital marketing, you need an experienced professional to help guide you through the ever-changing digital landscape. Whether your business is just starting out, needs to be lifted out of a creative rut, or just requires a new strategy, our digital marketing consultants will design the strategy for success.

Our Priorities:
  • 01. Complete an audit of current digital footprint

  • 02. Conduct data analysis and review performance trends

  • 03. Identify core business objectives

  • 04. Establish new digital goals to align with business objectives

  • 05. Develop strategic plan to achieve goals

  • 06. Select digital and online channel mix for execution

  • 07. Outline tactical solutions to implement strategy and plan

Our digital marketing consulting services operate in the realm of strategy. Though tactical planning is included consultants do not participate in the execution of the plans. We advise our clients to move quickly on recommendations to achieve the best results. If additional support in day-to-day marketing execution is needed, ask us about our comprehensive digital marketing monthly plans.