Online Reputation Management Service

Take control of your online reputation and monitor what people are saying about your business through our services.  Ignoring the online chatter can be detrimental to your business and will ultimately cause you to lose money.

As online reviews continue to soar high across the web, leaving negative reviews unattended will impart bad impressions on your potential and previous customers. It is important to show that you are actively listening and engaged with with what’s being said about your company. Responding to negative reviews show that you are concerned about your customer’s experience, you are paying attention to their feedback, and that you genuinely are trying to resolve whatever issues have surfaced.

Not responding to negative reviews or mentions reinforce the perception of the bad experience and show that you are not concerned about your customers’ negative experiences with your brand. That alone will limit your revenue generation opportunities. That’s why RedCircuit is here to help manage and improve your business’s online reputation.

Through our online reputation management service, we:
  • Monitor top local and niche review sites such as Yelp, Google+,
  • Claim your business listings on review and local search sites
  • Respond appropriately to negative reviews about your business
  • Activate brand listening tools to follow mentions of your company
  • Provide monthly reporting of reviews and mentions
  • Attempt to eliminate some reviews that are are outdated, misplaced, or proven to be factually untrue

Take control now and contact us to get started!